Hanko Stamp Project

3rd Grade


The Project

Hanko stamps are akin to a family seal in Japanese tradition.  The stamp should have your family symbol, as well as your family name on it.  Instead of signing a legal document, you would stamp it with your Hanko Stamp.  The 3rd graders took the responsibility for creating a family symbol with great reverence.  Well, not really, but they had a great time!


Final Draft

Students were referred to a website where they could learn to write their name in Japanese kanji.  This is Luke.


Carving the Stamp

The Carvey eats up the linoleum-on--fiberboard with no problem!


The Finished Stamp

This is what the stamp looks like after the crumbs were vacuumed up (industrial strength shop vacuum).


more stamps

Here's what the stamps look like after being carved on the Carvey on one linoleum block.