Augmented reality - aurasma

Aurasma is a really fun tool. It never fails to fascinate parents and students alike.  Go here and download the app (or just go to the App Store on your phone).  Read below about how it works.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 1.12.21 PM.png

Trigger picture

Students begin their project by choosing a "trigger picture."  For our Book Fair project (Kinder - 8th grade) students chose the cover of the book they wanted to review.


Make Your video

Students create a 30 second video using iMovie on their iPad or any other video creation app or software.

This picture is part of the video book review Kinders did for Pete the Cat.

 I created an outline of a script for the Book Fair project.

  1. Introduce yourself (first name only)
  2. Introduce the book by book name and author name
  3. Say a few words about the plot of the book.
  4. Tell your favorite part of the book (no spoilers!)
  5. Make a recommendation that says what age with love this book as much as you do.  (ex: "If you loved the Percy Jackson books, you will love Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard!")
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create your aura

Students log in to Aurasma using a class (or school) username and password that you have created in advance.  

  1. Create your Aura in that account. 
  2. Name the Aura something logical.
  3. Use your book cover jpg as the "trigger image"
  4. Use your iMovie video as your "overlay"
  5. Finalize your Aura

Once your aura has been created, anyone with the app and your account information can aim their Aurasma app at the trigger picture and see your video.  It turns a still picture (or a book cover) into a video.

Parents love these little vids!  It's completely safe because only people with the school or class account information can get to the videos.

I put stickers on all of the books that had one of our book reviews so parents would know where to aim their phones.  The Book Fair was more fun for students and parents because of these little book reviews.  The Kinders were especially cute!